WeCode Land all over Tunisia: “Digital Heroes”

By December 18, 2019 July 14th, 2020 No Comments

Once again, WeCode Land will be present all over Tunisia to form 10.000 Digital Heroes in 2019.  From all regions, young people are determined to develop communities through the digital economy.

«Digital Heroes» is an exponentially growing community that works to build the new digital age ecosystem. The community is based on youth and students leaders, known as WeCode Ambassadors, determining their local needs for training and organizing workshops in their local communities. The program aims to introduce the digital economy market to youth who are keen to widen their economic opportunities and build an up-to-date career.

On January, 26 /27, the annual meeting of WeCode Land Ambassadors took place at WeCode Unicorn. It was a two-day event in which the ambassadors attended training and workshops in leadership, team building, event planning & organization and event communication.  photo and video shots were recorded.


WeCode Ambassadors are a group of ambitious, self-confident, self-disciplined, active, creative, optimistic, enthusiastic young people who are eager to bring positive change in their communities and create more opportunities for the youth. The new journey has begun; it is going to be a very interesting adventure full of positive energy and hard work.

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